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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username and password.

A forgotten username or password may be reset by clicking the "Forgot your user ID?" or "Forgot your password?" link provided on the Login page.

Can family members use this site for fitness and diet plans?

Yes, Army H.E.A.L.T.H. is available for family members as well as civilians. Simply go to and click"register". Family members and civilians will choose the "civilian" option under the "Soldier/Civilian" drop down menu. After completing registration, they will have access to customized tools and resources (including meal and fitness plans).

I am new to the site and think it is great...but i can’t find a grocery list for the meal plan. Is it on the site, if not it would be a helpful tool.

At this time there is no grocery list on the website for the meal plans. The meal plans have been designed, however, so that each week’s meals incorporate many of the same ingredients (same type of cheeses, breads, meats used in different ways). This should make adding to your household’s grocery list fairly quick and easy! We thank you for the suggestion, and we will consider incorporating a standard grocery list in future revisions to the website.

Can I use only the website features I really need?

Once you establish your account and go through JumpStart, you can selectively utilize meal and nutrition planning, or concentrate on specific categories of fitness planning and training.

Can I or my spouse plan family meals instead of just individual meals?

No, but once a menu is planned, you only need to adjust the serving amounts to fit your family dining needs.

The wrong current weight is shown:

You can enter multiple weights per day, however, only the most recent weight entered will show up on the weight scale on the home screen and the weight graph in the "progress" section

How do I check my menu or workout plan for today?

After logging in, you can check your meal plan or fitness plan by selecting one of the tabs under "My Plans" at the top of the page.

How do I print my meal plan?

You may print your meal or fitness plan by clicking on the “Print” button in the top right corner of the "meal" or "fitness" page which are both listed under the "My Plans" tab. This will print the existing day’s menu. To print a week’s worth of meals, you will need to print each day separately.

How can I see my previous weight records or calorie history?

Records of weight, food intake, exercise, etc. can be found by going to the "Summary Reports" and "Graphs" sections under the "Progress" tab

Can someone in my family register and track their fitness and nutrition progress?

Yes. Your family member(s) can register by clicking the Register link located on the home page. (If you are currently logged in, you will be logged out.) At that point, your family member may register as a Civilian and will be able to track his/her fitness and nutrition progress.

How do I provide feedback about the website?

You can send us feedback about the website by clicking on the "Request Help/Feedback/FAQ" link at the bottom of any page. We will review what you send and post answers on this FAQs page.

Can I clear a day's menu without having to do it item by item?

Yes, clicking on the red garbage can icon that says "all" will remove all foods items for that meal.

How do I request help using the website?

You can request help using the website by clicking on the "Request Help/Feedback/FAQ" link at the bottom of any page. We will review what you send and post answers on this FAQs page.

Can the information that I enter be viewed by my chain of command?

No. Entered information is only viewable by the account holder.

Can I access the website on any computer?

Any computer you are authorized to use with internet capabilities should allow you access to the website. You can also access the mobile site from your smart phone, tablet, iPad, or other device connected to the internet.

How do I change my caloric intake results if I don't eat everything on my plan?

You can remove the items in question by clicking on the red garbage can icon beside of the item you wish to remove. This will remove the item completely from your list. Or if you wish to leave the food item on your list, but indicate that you did not eat it, simply do not check the green box. Only food items with a check mark in the green box will count toward daily caloric totals.

Is there access to online help for the website?

Yes, there is a Request Help link at the bottom of the page, but there is no web-chat, or one-on-one help available via the website.

What do I do if the restaurant I eat at is not listed?

Any food not found in the database can be added using the custom food planner. While in the "Meal" section, click on "Add Food", then "New Custom Food", then enter the information into the provided text boxes. Click "Save" and you will see the food appear in the list of foods for that meal. Click "Add This", enter the quantity and click "Add to Plan". Lastly, don't forget to check the green box beside of the food item name to indicate the food has been eaten.

Can I create a shopping list on based on my menu on the website?

No. At this time, that feature is unavailable.

How do I know the charts and tables on the website meet Army standards?

The standards built into the website are from the current Army Regulation 600-9 and FM 21-20. The current 600-9 is embedded in the website, and the APFT calculator has the current tables built in to calculate your score based on the event reps or times as applicable for a soldier of your recorded age and sex. It even has the current standards for Army approved alternate events built into the calculator.

I maintain a vegan diet. Will the website support this?

Yes. You can delete and add foods in meal planning. The preplanned meals often include meat items but substitution is simple. You should also review information available on the food pyramid to ensure you consume a balanced diet containing some forms of vegan acceptable protein.

I am below screening weight. Why does the website ask for my circumference measurements?

The Army does not normally require body fat calculation if you are below screening weight, however this feature is available to you as a health assessment tool if you chose to use it. You can opt out of it by selecting “No Thanks.”

I entered diagnostic APFT scores on the website and did not pass. Will Army Health report this to my Commander?

No. Your personal information on Army H.E.A.L.T.H. is completely confidential is not reported to anyone.

How do I make charts for my weight, calorie history, and APFT?

If you log on to Army Health and update your weight each day, Army H.E.A.L.T.H. will update your calorie and weight graphs. You can view your progress by going to the "Summary Reports" and "Graphs" sections under the "Progress" tab.

I entered the wrong date for my next APFT. How do I change it?

Go to the "APFT" tab, click on the calendar date of your next APFT, then click "Set Next APFT Date". You should then see the message "Items have been added to your fitness plan to prepare you for the APFT." which confirms the new date has been accepted.

I can’t find a strength training exercise that I’m looking for with the Fitness Planner search feature. Is there a way to add it to My Fitness Planner?

Yes. In the Strength section of the "Fitness" tab found under "My Plans", click on "Add Exercise", then "New Custom Exercise". Simply give it a name and click save. It will be then appear in the list of available exercicses. Click on "Add This" beside the exercise name and fill in the desired sets, weight, and reps. Lastly, click "Add to Plan". Don't forget to also check the green box to indicate you have completed the exercise. You can modify an exercise (sets, reps, weight) at anytime by clicking on the orange pencil/paper icon. After they are created, custom exercises can be found in the "Custom" category in the main exercise search box.

What do the symbols on the calendar stand for?

The symbols on the calendar are reminders for different activities that have been scheduled for each day of your prescribed wellness plan. The "plate" is for the meal plan, the "check mark" is for goals, the “dumbbell” is for strength training, the "running man" is for cardio, the “stretching man” is for stretching activities, and the "chevron insignia" is for APFT training. These icons will be displayed on the days in which those activities have been scheduled.

How can I calculate my target heart rate?

Go to "Fitness" under the "My Plans" tab. In the Cardio section, click on "Calculate My Intensity". Enter your age and resting heart rate and click Get Target Heart Rate.

The program asked me to update my profile since it has been 28 days. My calories per day have increased by 200. Isn't that counter-productive? I have lost 10 pounds and still have a lot to go.

Congratulations on your weight loss thus far! That is a great accomplishment and we encourage you to keep up the good work! As you continue to lose weight, you will begin to reach a state of Energy Balance, and your calorie needs may change over time. While losing weight, you are considered to be in Negative Energy Balance, meaning that you are consuming fewer calories than you are expending (resulting in weight loss). Also, be sure that you select the same rate of weight loss on the H.E.A.L.T.H. each time you reevaluate your goals. Opting to lose 1 pound per week instead of 2 pounds per week will also change the prescribed calorie target.