My Meal Plan Instructions

Welcome to the H.E.A.L.T.H. Meal Planner. You will use this tool to plan and record your daily food intake.

A Quick Tour of the Meal Planner

  • The calendar icon button opens a pop-up calendar which allows you to go back to a previous day or move forward to the next day.
  • Progress allows you to see graphs that chart your progress (i.e. daily food intake, weight, calories consumed).
  • The Copy These Meals to Another Day button allows you to duplicate the foods you’ve eaten today and add them to another day’s meal plan.
  • Generate a Shopping List allows you to print a shopping list which includes the foods listed in your meal plan for the next 7 days.
  • Print button allows you to print your meal plan.
  • Add Foods brings you to the page on which you can search for and add your own foods instead of preplanned meals.
  • Add Quick Calories allows you to add just the calorie amount for a food. This feature comes in handy when you are in a hurry or can’t find a specific food using the search option.
  • Pick a Different Meal allows you to select meals created by a Registered Dietitian. You can navigate through these meal plans using Next and Previous. Save allows you to save the meal to that date. Cancel will cancel your selection and bring you back to the original meal plan.
  • Delete All (red garbage can icon) allows you to clear all foods added to that meal on that date.
  • The Add Foods button will populate a search box which can be used to search for foods in our database that are similar to what you typed. Simply type the name of the food into the search box and click the magnifying glass.
  • New Custom Food allows you to enter a food’s nutrient information straight from a food label or recipe.
  • Add This adds the food selected to your meal on that date.
  • The Categories sidebar is another way to search for a food. By clicking on each category and narrowing down the selection, you can find the food you want and click Add This to add it to your meal.
  • button allows you to remove a food entry from your plan.
  • button allows you to change the food selected.
  • allows you to save a food or meal as a favorite. After clicking on the button, the heart will turn white, which indicates the food has been saved as a favorite. You can then quickly find this food by clicking “Add Food”, then “favorites”.